Kiss Kissinger Rocks!

Welcome to actor-writer Ginger Marin’s Kiss You’re probably wondering “Who or what is Kiss Kissinger?” She’s a radio personality and only the best darn journalist and celebrity interviewer on the internet. In fact, she has an internet radio show that she likes to describe as a less than serious look at the world and its many strange inhabitants.

Ms. Kissinger is a world famous journalist in the same vein as Edward R. Murrow, except she’s female; she doesn’t smoke and she’s not dead. She also likes to interview celebrities who may only be celebrities in their own mind – just like Kiss Kissinger!

Kiss began her life as an infant/child and soon became an adult after being beaten repeatedly by her parents. They obviously did not know how talented Kiss was and even though they beat her senseless, she still has a lot of sense, common and otherwise.

About her name, Kiss. Yes, it IS unusual. In fact, she doesn’t know anyone else in the world named Kiss, although there probably are some other innocents so named. Of course there is the band named “Kiss” but that’s a whole band not a single person, like the single most wonderful Kiss Kissinger!

In any case, she was named “Kiss” because when she popped out of the womb and the doctor showed the little baby to her mother, her mother proclaimed … well “Kiss My Ass!” The baby was later baptized “Kiss” because the Catholic church would not let Kiss’ parents use the word “ass” during the ceremony.

Kiss’ most famous interviews (to date) with famous and not-so-famous people are as follows:

  • England’s Poet Laureate, Yorkshire Puddin’-on-Avon resident, Pinky Bean
  • Homemaker-Entrepreneur-Felon, Martha Stewart
  • California Governor and Forever Actor with Muscles, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • The Secret Lives of Foreign Exchange Students in the United States
  • Three Rednecks Try to Coherently Discuss the Iraqi War

If you actually want to listen to any of these terrifically funny radio interviews shows (or to contact Ginger Marin), please visit:

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